Saisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we stand behind every customer and every intervention


Our Team

Nuvin Proag

Nuvin Proag

Bruno Cansing

Bruno Cansing


Our story simply put:

Two close friends, one team, united in their passion for sports decided in 2013 to be united in business as well to further Bruno’s passion for and knowhow in natural stones. Years go by and they don’t look alike as we keep growing and innovating bringing about new concepts, new technologies, new solutions, and new products exploiting the many different facets of natural stones


We deliver results which are not only clearly visible but also accurately measurable with our gloss meter. We also apply our anti-bacterial protection to ensure maximum hygiene in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we stand behind every customer and every intervention.

We repair, restore and maintain granite, marble, travertine, slate, limestone, and even basalt and almost all other types of natural stones. We also intervene on composite stones or tiles. We work on all surfaces including floors, walls, counter tops, bathroom vanities, showers, and furniture tops.

We provide solutions through a seamless approach to resolve whatever stone repair, restoration or maintenance project, customers, ranging from big companies to SME’s and also to private clients, may have.

We may do a sample test on a no-commitment basis.

Our services and methodologies are unique in Mauritius, providing the opportunity to Mauritian companies and communities to live in not only a bright and shiny but a clean and healthy environment by putting our ‘savoir faire’ at their service.

Within a few years of being operational, we already have an impressive array of clients ranging from 5* hotels, banks, private hospitals, shopping malls and office complexes to private residences. Our services are therefore retained by the major immovable property players in Mauritius (promoters and their clients, project managers, architects, natural stone suppliers…).

Our prices remain affordable.